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After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, I began my career in Philadelphia, PA. My experience lies primarily in marketing, with skills in brand strategy, project management, event planning, graphic design, website management, and email marketing.

I approach any new opportunity as a chance to grow and learn. Over the past year, I have developed several personalized materials for weddings and engagements. I am always looking to expand my portfolio and would love to have a conversation with you!


Project Management  |  Social Media Marketing  |  Wedding Branding

Logo Design |  Business Materials  |  Event Marketing

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Raj Patel

Suruchi is one of the hardest working individuals I've had the pleasure of working with. During her time on Raas All-Stars, I was fortunate enough to advise her in her director role. She surpassed all of my expectations! She definitely excelled in all the tasks that she was assigned and worked hand-in-hand with other board members very diligently.

Suruchi does a fantastic job in turning a vision into a reality. The prime example of this would be the organization of the first ever Raas All-Stars Mela. The Mela was a way for Raas All-Stars to bring together all participants of the weekend (300+) with a few of our sponsors for a day filled with games, food, and fun. The Mela was only one integral piece in the entire Raas All-Stars weekend and she was phenomenal leading up to and during it.

Suruchi's organizational and planning skills coupled with her desire to want to make Raas All-Stars as best as it could be is also seen with her actions throughout the season. I have no doubt that Suruchi will continue providing excellent service to anyone who is fortunate enough to work with her. 


Tanvi Mehta

Suruchi was such a pleasure to work with! She is patient, works hard to really create what you had envisioned, pays attention to details, and has a creative eye! I had underestimated how much work this would be and how long all of my designing/printing would take, and Suruchi made sure everything was taken care of every step of the way. From making sure I had all of my final edits on time, to touching base, to ensuring that prints would get to CA on time! My parents did know I was doing all of this and when they saw the final product, they were so pleased! It really are these little details that make a difference. I would highly recommend Suruchi's services to anyone for any events! Thank you so much!!! Pankaj and I are so grateful!


Anki Nagirimadugu

I was looking to put the final and most importantly personal touches on my wedding to make my large wedding more intimate. Suruchi designed my wedding programs, welcome cards, buffet labels and seating charts. I had very vague requests/ideas, and Suruchi worked with me to help not only pin down the vision I was going for, but also executed it flawlessly. Even when I thought something was good enough, she worked to elevate it to perfect.  She ensured me & my fiancé were involved each step of the way and was flexible with our schedule. The end product was beyond my expectations. When guests and vendors saw our wedding program they were impressed with the attention to detail. Our wedding program is framed in our room, and surprisingly on so many fridges because our guests found it too beautiful to part with! 

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Disha Shah

My husband and I worked with Suruchi for our wedding programs and welcome cards. Our experience with her was top notch, She listens and really understands exactly what I had envisioned. She is VERY hard working and what I loved the most is that she gives her honest input. The programs and hotel welcome cards were absolutely beautiful and we were very happy and lucky to have worked with her. We highly recommend her!


Dishu Maheshwari

I used Suruchi's paper and graphic design services for my wedding on May 27, 2018. Suruchi was able to customize, develop, and deliver end to end products over the course of the year to incorporate our wedding theme and streamline guest experience. She created our wedding website with stories, videos, and interactive components that allowed guests to learn about us as a couple. She also used the limited direction I was able to provide to create a wedding program that perfectly matched our theme, place cards, and venue signage to enhance the decor and overall appearance of our wedding. Each product was delivered on time and Suruchi worked with me to edit minor changes. She was an absolute pleasure to have on our wedding team and I cannot wait to have her work as a forever keepsake.


Krupa Desai

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